Navigating This Couple Move-In: Studio Apartment Edition

If you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, it may come to the point where you two decide to move in with one another. If you live in a large city like Toronto, then you know how expensive the rent can get. It’s almost incomprehensible for a young couple to afford the costs of a normal one-bedroom apartment without having much money left over for savings. So here’s what you do… You instead decide to rent a small studio apartment with a longer commute from the center of the city. Taragh Bracken, Whitby and Oshawa’s top criminal and family attorney, has witnessed this as a precursor to certain young couple’s journey together. Turns out, you either make it or you don’t in this cramped, small perimeter.


It’s What You Do With The Space

Bracken has finalized marriage papers for couples who have learnt how to work with one another in such dire circumstances, while also unfortunately terminating the marriage contract after the couple’s financial means haven’t yet allowed them to upgrade to a breathier space. Over the decades of practice, Bracken’s law firm have come up with a few handy tools to ensure that loving partners can make the most of their configuration in such a tiny apartment.


Discuss Your Expectations

It’s no unordinary feat to find one member of the couple who is extremely neat, while the other is more laid-back when it comes to these types of standards. Do both of you mind if your dishes air dry overnight instead of hand-drying them and storing them away in your cupboards? What about laundry, is there a specific way you wish to fold the laundry? If you don’t recognize and maturely discuss these preferences whenever they come up, then you’re only dusting dirty laundry under the carpet and creating more problems for your partnership.


Maintain Your Personal Hobbies

Just because you live in a tight space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own personal hobbies. If your husband is a keen musician and you enjoy taking hot yoga courses with your friends, allow him to spend some alone time jamming out with his friends while you explore new studios in your city.

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