Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Tuesday Randomosity

  • imageFor buy and holders, the Nasdaq is up 6.5% for the year.  Not horrible.  Not a lot. Like having Low T.  Not as much fun as you’d like it to be.
  • I’m still long the stock market.  Always wary of tax loss selling in early December, but as Christmas draws near I’d expect some year-end and 2017 positioning.  Like in some of the strong-stock losers of 2016.  Nike.  Disney.  For example.  Maybe.  No promises of course.
  • UCLA Bruins are 9-0?  Is Lew Alcindor playing?
  • It was just last week when OPEC couldn’t get their act together, and then got their act together, and decided to make oil production cuts.  Oil went up on that, but today back down -2.03% to $50.74.  And that’s with oil inventories drawn down 2.2 million barrels.
  • Maybe the Michigan recount ends tomorrow.  Looks like the MI Attorney General got a favorable ruling in the Court of Appeals today, and now can file a case to stop the recount.  I just want it over.  Move on.
  • An inequality tax? The city council of Portland will vote on Wednesday whether to impose a tax on companies whose CEO’s pay exceeds the median salary of their workers by a ratio of more than 100-to-one.
  • Under Armor gets MLB deal.  So if you want to be trendy, you’ll need some new jerseys with the UA logo on front.
  • Google wants to get 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2017.  Hey, that’s pretty soon.
  • Hmmmmmmmmm….  Tuesday…..

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