Sunday, December 18, 2016

Electoral College Votes Randomosity

  • imageThe Electors vote tomorrow.  FYI.  Should be an interesting day,  Many of the electors have been emailed, stalked, threatened, etc., to NOT vote for Trump.
  • Small cap stocks have been down 2 of the last 3 weeks.  FYI.
  • I think the electors should do the will of their states voters.  California electors should cast their votes for Hillary.  Texas electors should cast their votes for Trump.  Etc.
  • Entering the last 2 weeks of the year, you would think a slow period in the market.  Don’t short a dull tape and all.  And many folks may want to postpone selling stocks until next year when we may have a new tax code.
  • One of the new personal income tax proposals is to increase the standard deduction to the point where most people wouldn’t use the home mortgage deduction.  Thus, for all intents and purposes eliminating the mortgage deduction for homeowners.  How would that sell?
  • Can you imagine the life of the Texas elector, Christopher Suprun, who says he won’t vote for Trump?
  • Football.   Brock benched in Houston!  And the Texans rally under Tom Savage to win.  Hmm.
  • Fake news…  There is a difference between real news, fake news, and opinion pieces.  I think Facebook trying to filter stories by relying on sources many consider liberal will have some fallout.  Lots of those sources tend to be full of opinions.  (As we all are).

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