Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Are Stocks in a Bubble?

I posted a 10-yr chart of the Dow on Twitter but here it is again. $DIA


What an incredible run from March 2009 through late 2016. Is that what a bubble looks like?  This has been an almost relentless move up.  A few sideways moments along the way, but this is what a bull market looks like. 

This is also during a period where President Barack Obama did not see a GDP over 3%.  He has been relentlessly hammered over the slow economy, while people also said the rising stock market has contributed to inequality.  The rich get richer while poor and middle class people have not seen wage growth, struggle to find good paying jobs, a falling labor participation rate, and don't participate in the stock market. The national debt has doubled under President Obama.    

The country now gets a new President next month, with different ideas on taxes, regulations, and jobs.  Many analysts are predicting higher GDP but also higher inflation and budget deficits.  

What will a chart of the next 10-yrs look like?

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