Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Aftermath Randomosity

  • imageStock futures spiked lower last night when the thought of a Hillary victory started heading south.  But today…  We were at new market highs before a late day pullback!
  • Everyone doing the Monday Morning Quarterback routine and analyzing results.  MSNBC still counting votes and not declaring some of the battleground states over yet.
  • The pendulum goes back and forth.  The GOP crash in the 70’s after Nixon.  Rise in the 80’s under Reagan.  Crash in the 90’s with Clinton.  Up with George Bush after Y2K.  Gone again with Obama.  Now … They’re back again!
  • If you don’t like the way things are, wait a few election cycles.  It will go back your way soon enough.  Don’t stress out.
  • Cher said if Trump won, she’s moving to Jupiter.
  • Alec Baldwin probably feeling good about a long term SNL gig doing Trump.  Right?
  • Less happy is Mexico’s Carlos Slim.  They say he lost over $5B on the Trump win with the Peso slide.  OUCH!
  • I think everyone was hoping the market was down 700 tomorrow so that they could do the BREXIT buy buy buy and profit on the rebound.  Folks were texting me about it!  Didn’t get that chance.
  • Alexion halted as I type $ALXN.  Delaying their earnings.  LOL
  • $GM slashing 2000 workers due to lower demand.
  • Is Renault-Nissan bringing a low-cost $8,000 electric car to market?  So, one of those or one of those $100,000 things from $TSLA?  Hmmm….
  • So even with the Trump win and today’s rally, remember the market will start worrying about Fed rate hikes again soon…  The first year or so of Trump may not be the best for the market.  Not his fault.  Economic growth is slow and the current expansion has been staggering along for awhile.  Now facing rate hikes.
  • I’m still long the market and diversified and dollar cost averaging.  Hard to beat that over the long term.  Short term trickier.

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