Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Cubs Win!

  • The Chicago Cubs have won the world series!
  • Donald Trump may have passed up Hillary in some of the polls – But are the polls worth a darn?  If you read Twitter, you have folks accepting polls blindly, and some saying the methodology is all hogwash.  Pick and choose!
  • $FB – Ugh, Facebook tanked after earnings.  Yes, revenues going through the roof.  But…  I guess nobody cares about that right now. 
  • The market in general selling off.  Some blame the shifting political polls.  Some blame the thought of rising interest rates.   I think the latter more likely than whatever happens Tuesday.
  • By the way, I finished watching Black Mirror on Netflix.  Wow. Bees.  The Bees!
  • By the way, I think Hillary is going to win.  But momentum is with Trump right now.  Will it be enough to win the battleground states?
  • Anyway, I do have a little cash and looking for some names to buy.  Everyone always wants a dip to buy.  This is one.  Like I said in the podcast the other day, I hate to buy stocks at the highs and now here we are.  In correction mode!

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