Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Randomosity

  • imageThe Russell 2000 is on a 15-day win streak, gaining 16% over that time.  Hope everyone is participating in that!
  • The stock market rally is being called the "Trump Rally."  Well, everyone thought Hillary had it locked up and the futures were down 5% when Trump looked like he'd win.  Then after he won the market soared.  Lower taxes.  Lower regulations.  Etc.
  • The economy is pricing in a higher GDP.   We've been stuck under 3% during Obama's presidency.  Now Wall Street is anticipating 4-6%.
  • Inflation?
  • Higher mortgage rates would cause a drop in home prices.  People can afford what they can afford.  Unless wages start rising.
  • Inflation?
  • Trump wanted to refinance some of the short-term national debt at these historical low long-term rates.  Uh, long-term rates have been rising...  What will they be when he's sworn in.
  • (If he is sworn in.  Jill Stein leading the recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  I think lawyers will make a lot, but nothing will change in the electoral college.)
  • Lots of Black Friday deals on … TVs.  Tablets.  Games.  Etc.  Mall traffic down (they say) but online sales setting records.  Over $3B?
  • And lots of Green Friday deals at the marijuana stores…

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