Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday Market Thoughts

  • imageStock market has been a little frustrating this year.  Not that it has been bad, but it has been underwhelming.  Stuck.  But it feels like this for almost two years now!
  • One in five millennials has not had a Big Mac.  Hey I had my first and only one three years ago. I’m not sure its a huge problem. The few $MCD near me seem crowded all the time these days, and I think breakfast is doing it.
  • Thank goodness for dividends, right? Although those have been taking a hit recently as people seem to expect rate hikes coming, and the competition from bonds will be enough to get people to switch from dividend stocks back to bonds.  Are you buying that?  That’s the thought pattern anyway.
  • If you were thinking about buying some Disney stock, would you do it now or wait until closer to year end in case tax loss selling comes in play?  Or buy half of $DIS now, and hope it goes down so  you can buy some more later!!!  Booyah!
  • Hmm… Politics.  All over the place in the news cycle. Vote early and vote often.
  • Not that the Fed will really hike rates, though.  GDP low.  Inflation low.
  • Sell in May didn’t really work this year.  At least dividends were collected in stocks.  I never did much selling.  A little.  Raised some cash waiting for a sell off that never came.  Seems like it would have been a decent year to trade rips and dips.  The range…

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