Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stocks Continue to Meander

  • The market really doesn't look that healthy. Other than the money chasing the high flyers (tech, semis, drugs, IT security), look at the rest of the mess. 
  • Of course, the Nasdaq hit all time highs just yesterday. LOL.  
  • The market looks so bad, it feels awful making all this money!
  • I'm still long but do have a little cash.  I can't help but think we get some selling down to a moving average just to scare folks.  I have a shopping list of stocks with ridiculously high valuations. 
  • Retail stocks look ugly.  Transports look ugly.  Worth noting. Doesn't that mean demand for stuff is down? Or is everyone only buying $AAPL Apple watches?
  • I think the Pebble Time watch looks like a good watch until Apple gets a few generations into their fixes and improvements.  
  • Dodgers can't beat good teams. Giants killed them with three shut outs.  Now on the road in St. Louis. 

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