Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Market Thoughts

  • $SPY $QQQ – Still long the market but did book a few gains. Looking to buy back any weakness.  I’m bullish on 2015.  Yes, there will be pullbacks and scary parts along the way.
  • As kids we get Christmas vacation.  Why does that end as adults?  Not fair -  so I took it back!  Been on vacation for a couple weeks.
  • Security stocks…  Should make a ton of money.  But could be acquisition plays from companies that need the growth into that market.  Just thinking out loud.
  • Knowing history, do you think oil prices go lower and lower and lower?  I think prices go higher someday because cars still run on gasoline and economies are growing.  Meanwhile, environmentalists have declared war on fracking, pipelines, etc. 
  • Commodity plays are tough with a rising US dollar, too.  Watching banks around the world for easing and tightening kinds of moves.  Also tough to hold foreign market ETFs when the US dollar goes up as those markets are denominated in foreign currencies.  We are also seeing countries that basically have no economy other than exporting oil having a rough go of it.  I’m looking at you $RSX and $EWW.
  • I think there is a biotech stock bubble.  Similar to internet and business-to-business stock bubble of 1999-2000.  It won’t end well.
  • Back to blogging and audioboos and podcasts in 2015.  I think having this as part of my market review routine helps to keep touch on what’s going on.  I have been more active on Twitter.  Blogging is so 2006 they say.
  • By the way, I like the negativity on TWTR.  Don’t own shares yet, but it is on my watch list.
  • Heading home today.  I’ve watched a $NFLX movie via streaming everyday.  WOW!  But I don’t find myself watching many DVDs anymore, so thinking about canceling that part. Anyone else?
  • I wanted to spend some time this month clearing the backlog of recorded shows on the DVR.  Uh, haven’t made much progress. 

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