Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Randomosity and Kim Kardashian

  • image I am still long stocks since the Oct 15 buys. I haven’t seen a reason to sell and believe that the trend into year end will be up.  Yes, the market is overbought and maybe the run into the end of the year won’t be straight up.  But I think winners will continue to run as folks won’t want to sell them and will want to own them.  In addition, there isn’t another place to put money right now.
  • Kim Kardashian’s butt is pretty unreal.  It’s like an anime butt, where the artist can exaggerate features. There seems to be a fan club of folks who love that butt.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • China’s central bank surprised markets by slashing its one-year benchmark lending rate 0.40 percentage points to 5.6%. China last cut interest rates in 2012. The move follows a disappointing growth rate in the latest quarter. The nation’s economy expanded 7.3%, marking a five-year low.” – The markets love stimulus. It seems like whenever a central bank announces free money, stocks rip.  How long can this go on, though?
  • image NFL Sunday means 7 hours of the Red Zone Channel!  Gee, no wonder I can’t get any work done on the weekends.
  • Josh Gordon back in the Cleveland Browns lineup!
  • Obama goes commando with the Immigration executive order.  I think he was just playing the race card and trying to incite enthusiasm in minority voters by pitting them against what is seen as a “White GOP.”  Although in the election, Whites and Asians voted GOP, and an increasing number of Hispanics also voted Republican.  Hey, maybe folks don’t like to get “Grubered.”
  • Remember when stocks were selling off a few months ago, and the Wall of Worry included things like Ebola, Russia in Ukraine, Middle East ISIS turmoil, and the Green Bay Packers off to a slow start?  Only one of those things has resolved itself, yet the market storms higher.

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