Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Fox Business Block Gurus Update

Here is an update on how the Fox Business Block gurus are doing year to date compared to the indices (excluding dividends).  This return is based on investing $1000 per weekly stock pick at the closing price Friday night.  (Granted, none of us have a chance to buy that pick until the Monday open, but I wanted to give each guru the closing price on the day they made the pick and not any reaction or bump that occurs at the open on Monday morning).

Larry Glazer has only made one pick, F (Ford).  I may have to set a "minimum picks" eligibility requirement.  But for now, having just one pick "for all the marbles" is a valid investment strategy.  Some folks believe that over diversification leads to mediocre performance, and that the only way to make your fortunes is to concentrate your investments in just a few stocks.  This works great if you pick the right stocks, and underperforms if you pick the wrong stocks!

One other observation is that Ben Stein and Adam Lashinsky "tend to" (but not always) pick diversified index ETFs, large mutual funds, or Berkshire.  It doesn't surprise me to see their results close to the SP500, but underperform due to expenses and fees of their holdings. 

Nothing shocking here.  My suspicion was that the Cashin' In gurus would underperform the other gurus, and that most all of the gurus would underperform the SP500 (SPY). 

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