Wednesday, September 10, 2014

McDonalds Rallies Despite the Negativity

image $MCD – So everyone is hammering McDonalds on the TV as bad news flows in. Yet, the stock rallied today.  Hey, that’s sometimes a good thing when everyone is bearish and the stock rallies anyway.

Yes, there are lots of competitors out there.  Seems like there are gourmet burger places all over the place that sell food that isn’t too much more expensive than a McDonalds meal.  Some fast food and casual diners are seemingly higher quality and more fashionable.  Folks want to at least think they’re eating healthier, and McDonalds is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.  (Heads up:  2400 calorie burritos won’t do your body any favors, either!)

And what’s next, McBrunch?

Long $MCD

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