Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Randomosity

  • $SPY - The stock market reversed early gains today after Fed Head Janet Yellen indicated that some equities may be in a bubble. Hey but the economy is fine, the Fed will continue stimulus but still plans on ending it by October. Oh, and rates will remain low. 
  • $MSFT - Microsoft to announce job cuts this week.  
  • "Tax inversions" still in the headlines as US companies try to avoid the high 35% domestic tax rate for lower rates abroad.  Why not lower the US corporate tax rate?
  • $INTC - Intel beat earnings today. That was good for about a 4% pop after hours. 
  • $YHOO - Yahoo down around 2% after reporting earnings and lackluster ad revenues. Hmm.  Are folks going to pile into this for Alibaba or is the best way to play Alibaba just to buy Alibaba?  
  • Still long the market with a little cash.  Not much.  Market valuations measured by PE is right near historical averages.  It would be good to see profits grow rather than PE multiples to continue to expand. 

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