Thursday, June 12, 2014

Market Thoughts for Thursday

  • image $SPY - Iraq is the reason du jour for the latest market pullback. (This is more important than yesterday’s reason, “Eric Cantor losing.”  Really?)
  • Anyway, while the Middle East always seems to emerge from time to time as a reason for a market correction, it always seems to remedy itself soon enough.
  • More importantly, economic numbers look a little weak to me.
  • Soccer.  I’m not that interested in the World Cup, but is sure has grown in popularity.
  • When you think about the Middle East, it seems on the surface that we’re better off if they are shooting at each other rather than shooting at the US or Israel.
  • Just a reminder: the Dodgers were 4-1 to win the World Series at the beginning of the season.  Carry on.
  • When I was much younger and in school PE class, I hated that we had to play soccer instead of flag football, basketball, or softball. 
  • So, Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism.  I guess that’s a wrap for his 2016 plans.
  • I’m a little bit more invested in the market after today’s buy of $.XLU and $VRX.  The utilities rallied off the lows today for a nice gain.  I think they’re vulnerable to rising interest rates (as competition for yield seeking money).  But they may also be seen as a safer place to keep money should folks be worried about losing those recent gains in growth stocks.  VRX is another story, falling all day long before a slight bounce near the close.  It’s volatile! 

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