Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Market Thoughts and Randomosity

  • image $AAPL – So now the price point is at a place where we can trade options on it.
  • $SPY - Stock indices at or near all time highs.  Pretty amazing.  Sell in May not working (again).
  • I am about 75% long, including some stocks but I have trimmed a lot of the high beta stocks for the $SPY recently.
  • I don’t think it’s time to be very aggressive.  But hard to stay out when the bull market is trending.  The market has busted out of the trading range and is providing a nice ride up for long positions.  The signs of a market top are out there, but like we saw in other recent bubbles the last move up can keep going on and on longer than anyone expects
  • Been watching the new Making Money with Charles Payne show on Fox Business.  I like Charles. I think his stock picks are a little shaky.  More on that this weekend.
  • Speaking of, I have been keeping up with the IBD 50 and Fox Business Block stocks.  More this weekend.  But have been taking a break from blogging and audiobooing.
  • We know bull markets don’t last forever.  We also know the economic numbers seem a little weak. I guess the Fed QE is what is keeping it going. 
  • Low interest rates have been like a tax cut for folks, as payments on mortgages have dropped.  Less money spent on the house payment means more money for vacations and other stuff.
  • $NFLX - Watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, but just finished Season 3.  When will Season 4 be available?

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