Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VTI Above Triple Top

$VTI - the total stock ETF is just above a triple top.  Charts, trend lines, and moving averages are fun to watch but don't necessarily "mean anything."  Except when they do. Or when they seem to work. Anyway. 

Month end strength is on deck, where folks dollar cost average into their retirement portfolios - mutual funds and such. Do you think people are in the stock market? Do you think that the new highs in the market will lead to renewed Main Street interest in stocks?

There is also the 7-1 stock split in Apple coming up in June.  Since $AAPL is heavily weighted in many index funds and ETFs it could keep the upward momentum going. 

Of course...  At some point maybe the lack of other stocks participating and making new highs will matter!

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