Monday, May 26, 2014

Market Thoughts

  • The stock market enters the last weekend in May at all-time highs! $SPY
  • Sell in May and go away or buy in May and go away? I’ve written about the historical trend of the market having a non-presidential election year correction. Haven’t seen imagethat yet this year.  Folks seem quick to get bearish even with a 1% “correction,” but the market hasn’t pulled back much.  Yes, small caps and growth have suffered as money fled into the “safer” stocks until recently.
  • Josh Beckett throws a no hitter for the Dodgers yesterday, and Ryu takes a perfect game into the 8th tonight. 
  • When I found out that Chipotle uses dark meat chicken - (I’m looking at you, legs and thighs), I stopped going.  $CMG – And then I find out that the white meat goes to Panera!  So will I!
  • I am mostly long in my accounts, and still have the position in the utilities. I am underperforming the SP500 this year, as I did last year.
  • Thinking out loud, the market is heading into the last week of May which you would think is bullish with the month-end effect.  AAPL splits in June – so I wonder what kind of effect that has in keeping the market propped up, as the stock is heavily weighted in the indexes.
  • Memorial Day – One year ago I fractured the sesamoid bones in both feet while on a 2 hour bike ride.  They still hurt. Especially when I do much on my feet.  But no more painkillers. 
  • Growth stocks have had a nice couple of weeks.  It seems like folks are getting more bullish as the market goes ever higher, and maybe the appetite for risk is returning.  The VIX remains low.

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