Monday, May 19, 2014

Market Thoughts

  • image Looking to raise more cash – maybe roll some into $IDU. The utilities look a little oversold and are sitting near the 50dma. 
  • Sell in May still in play.  Many folks are believing that this year will be like last year, and that it won’t work. It didn't work for me last year!
  • Been in SoCal attending a graduation at USC.  I still haven’t seen an actual $TSLA on the road, despite folks on twitter telling me they are all over the freeways in LA.  I was on the I5 and the 405 for four days off and on, and didn’t see any. None. Zero. Zip. 
  • Toyota - $TOY: Leaving CA for Texas.  Not getting too much play, but remember Nissan did that awhile ago.  So Honda next?  I betcha.
  • I think $T buying DirecTV increases revenues.  Not a huge make or break kind of thing.  Just expands their eyeballs.
  • I know I keep promising more content.  …
  • So I am now actively trading two black boxes.  The one I’ve always used is still in play and still long.  It is a medium to longer term system.  The newest is a shorter term system that I’ve been using for a little while and has been performing well.  The latter gave a buy on the IDU at the close.

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