Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Randomosity

· $SPY – It was a “Tower of Terror” day in the stock market. I hope you were smiling when your photo was taken. Please pick up your photo when you exit the ride.

· A “reversals” day in the market!  Started strong, and then WHOOSH down.  Then WHOOSH up.  Then uh oh, here we go again. 

· If you like low-wage jobs, then this economic recovery is for you!  “The National Employment Law Project reports that that low wage industries employ 1.85 million MORE workers now than at the start of the recession while mid-and higher-wage industries employ 1.83 million LESS.

· Remember $SOCL, the social media ETF?  9-month lows.  That was one folks were buying to “get a piece of FB” last year.  I don’t know if it’s a bad investment for the long term, but I’d rather own a few specific tickers I believe in.  There seem to be a lot of tickers in that ETF that makes me wonder if they’ll even be around ten years down the road. 

· Advertisers backing out!  Used car dealership chain CarMax, airline Virgin America, and the Chumash Casino Resort said Monday that they are ending their sponsorships of the Clippers in the wake of comments allegedly made by the team's owner, Donald Sterling.  What an idiot.

· See, Chris Paul? Should have signed with the Lakers!

· $AMZN – Amazon down another 3% today.  I find it all rather shocking, since the company has a UPS truck on standby for deliveries to my house.  (I buy a lot from ‘em!)  I think it’s just a case where everything in growth land is being sold off right now.  No mercy.  Nowhere to hide.

· Except in $AAPL – Apple, as investors bought it up another 4% today.  The reason Apple shares are up is that because today if you own Apple it’s like owning a pie with 10 slices.  And in June, they’re going to take that same pie and carve it into 70 slices.  Who doesn’t want more slices?

· $MSFT – Microsoft moving ahead with XBOX original programming.  As in TV shows.  Hmm.  More competition for NFLX and just about everyone else.

· $DIS - Including Disney, by the way.  Don’t they have a deal with NFLX to make some Marvel mini-series soon?

· By the way, I was tired of constantly fixing my Windows 7 virus problems.  So I upgraded to Windows 8.1.  No more problems.  For now.  (The new Windows 8.1 OS is not as good without a touch screen, though.  But okay and actually seems faster than Windows 7).

· The Los Angeles Dodgers are struggling, but still near the top.  Not bad, because when the sticks and arms do start to click, that will be No Mercy on MLB, too.  *wishful thinking*

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