Monday, March 03, 2014

The Red Army Storms Wall Street

  • image The Red Army storms Wall Street. $YNDX and $QIWI were hit hard.  Down over 14% and 17%, respectively.  I went long those two at the close.  #afoolandhismoney
  • Oil up over $2. Any time there is global confusion, oil shoots up.  We hear about oil supplies being robust and demand down, etc.  Yet, whenever somebody in a foreign country farts, oil prices shoot up.
  • NFL thinking about moving the extra point attempt back a few yards.  I say make it a 40 yard kick.  Or make them go for 2 points all the time. According to Judy Battista at, the NFL’s competition committee has discussed moving the line of scrimmage for extra points back to the 25-yard line, meaning PATs would be kicked from 43 yards away.
  • Hey, the first of the month is supposed to be strong as payroll contributions to 401(k) plans are dollar cost averaged into mutual funds.  But November was the last time the first of the month was positive.
  • ISM and consumer spending numbers came in better than expected.  More spending! More spending!
  • $LO – Lorillard up over 7% on takeover rumors.  Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.  I wonder about the future of smoking, though.  Maybe electronic cigarettes will save the industry, but even those are being cracked down upon.  SF is proposing to crack down on them.
  • $DIS – Disney’s “Frozen” grosses over $1B worldwide.  I haven’t seen it!  I did see the holiday water show at California Adventure loosely coupled with the movie. 
  • $PLUG power up almost 25% during trading hours and another 5% after hours…  Still under $6!
  • Barack Obama to release his 2015 budget tomorrow…  More spending! More spending!
  • Radio Shack to report earnings tomorrow. $RSH is still in business?  Who knew?  Hey, when I need a off-sized battery or some connector wire gizmo, I go to … Oh wait, $AMZN now.  I go to Amazon.


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