Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Late Night Stock Thoughts

  • I held on to the $YNDX and $QIWI. Yes, should have sold the gap open! Didn’t like the weak close.
  • That being said, what a day in the market! Yesterday’s threat of World War III is all but history.  BTFD works again.  This is truly an amazing market.  Whether the Fed is pumping this up, plus the lack of yield anywhere else, stocks really just don’t want to go down.
  • Oh they will,  Someday.
  • Brian Wilson throws a knuckleball? He threw the first inning for the Dodgers today.
  • Still mostly in cash. The market has a history of corrections in non-presidential election years.  Yesterday’s catalyst seems history.  What’s next?
  • March Madness?  Here it comes!
  • Getting late…

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