Sunday, March 02, 2014

Black Box Sell Signal!

  • The black box gave a sell signal on Friday’s close. $SPY
  • I am in cash, but trading around the $VXX a little. 
  • My thoughts are that it’s not wise to fight the fed, but isn’t the Fed on a tightening path?  I think that would make gold, bonds, and dividend paying things like utilities and REITs a bit risky.  Maybe the growth dividend stocks are better.  And maybe the US Dollar - $UUP? 
  • It will be interesting to see if the market has the election year correction.  I’m betting that it will.  Not sure what the catalyst will be – if we knew, the market would have already corrected, right Efficient Market Theory?
  • February was the best month in the market since October.  Isn’t February supposed to be the weakest month of the “favorable season,” Stock Trader’s Almanac?
  • Always buy the bigger pizza.   Hey, I like pizza leftovers – even though the box can be a bit unwieldy.
  • My thought on Russia – Evil Empires will do what they do.  Would Putin be doing this if Romney was President?  I don’t think Romney would take much crap.  Obama is just weak on everything.

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