Monday, February 03, 2014

Bear Market?

image Wow. What a market set off! $SPY

This one feels bad.  It feels different.  And it’s a non-presidential election year, so this kind of thing is supposed to happen.  But, it just feels horrible.  Yet, it’s just a bit more of a selloff than we saw a couple of times in 2013.

I’m around 70% long.  Debating on selling (if we ever have an up day again), selling (no matter if we ever have an up day again or not), or holding on and turning off the TV and finance websites and gear up for baseball season.

Ok..  Well, I am sitting on some nice winners so all is not quite lost yet.  I am leaning towards booking the gains and sitting ahead of the market so far in 2014, looking for signs of a bottom rather than this high-volume selling nonsense.


Hope this finds you well.  All is not lost.  The market is open again tomorrow.

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