Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wild Card Weekend Randomosity

  • image Reading articles about how everyone is bullish, so the market will be lousy in 2014.  But if everyone thinks everyone else is bullish, and then they themselves are bearish… Hmm.
  • Andy Dalton threw 57 interceptions and fumbled the ball away 24 times today, as the Bengals lost to the Chargers. My numbers may be off a little, but the end result was the same.  I had the Bengals at 22-1 to win all the marbles.  I lost my marbles instead!
  • Coldest temps in decades. “Northern and central regions of the U.S. are seeing “life-threatening wind-chill” conditions, with temperatures dropping to the lowest point in almost two decades, federal officials warned Sunday.”  [Insert global warming joke here.]
  • “But Muck!  It’s not global warming, it’s climate change!” 
  • Hey the Consumers Electronics Show is this week!  I’m waiting for the new automatic gizmo that can automatically detect and eliminate dog poop from the backyard.  I want in on that IPO!
  • So I have put some cash to work in a few things over the past few days.  Still have some cash.  And I realize that I may be the last guy in the theme park.  But if things go bad I’m out.
  • 150,000 to Las Vegas for the CES?
  • Micron – MU:  Earnings on the 7th.  That’s Tuesday.  No positions yet, but that one could paint an interesting picture. 
  • Alcoa – AA:  Kicks off the unofficial start of earnings season on Friday.
  • Oh… Janet Yellen vote tomorrow, right?  She’s in.  I expect her to be more accommodative than Bernanke.

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