Thursday, January 30, 2014

What a Week!

It’s been a volatile and emotional week in the market. Tomorrow is month end and typically the 401k and IRA money hits mutual funds, giving some strength to the markets.  Supposedly.

It’s late and I’m keeping this short.  Earnings are creating some big winners and losers.

I am close to 100% long.  I trimmed all exposure to emerging markets and am focusing on the leaders pulling back to support.  Playing some earnings – white knuckled.  Some have worked out great.  Some haven’t.

Other than that, the super bowl hype is in overdrive.  I don’t like that the networks are previewing commercials, although the idea is “eyeballs” on the products, so I can see why they do it. I think it was YUM that had a contest to create a commercial, and they’ve had over 27 million eyeballs on their commercials – before the game!  Nice strategy.

I had Taco Bell for dinner, by the way!

More tomorrow.  Should.  Maybe an audioboo.

Leno on – why am I still up?


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