Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Semis and Fed Minutes‎

The market  fell after the Fed minutes, but rebounded a bit.  $MU Micron helped Semis and the Nasdaq.  I think it's good news for the economy when semiconductors are going strong.  Everything we need these days runs on technology which runs on semiconductors.

As for me, I've been close to 100% long in-and-out the past few days.  Yes, trading a lot more frequently but keeping losses small and letting gains run as far as they can.  Trying to focus on leading stocks.  As we approach earnings I think individual stocks will be volatile and risky, and I may just look at the big index tickers instead.  Heck, look at the difference between Micron ($MU) and The Container Store ($TCS) today.  Wow!  Guess right and you win a lobster dinner.  Guess wrong and it's beans for dinner.

I'm wondering if money in international investments is at currency exchange risk if the US dollar strengthens against foreign bucks.  Just thinking out loud.

Fed Saw Waning Stimulus Benefits, Minutes Show

By Joshua Zumbrun and Craig Torres

Bloomberg - Bloomberg - Wed Jan 8 19:15:00 UTC 2014

Federal Reserve officials saw diminishing economic benefits from the central bank's bond buying prog...

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