Thursday, January 09, 2014

Randomosity and Maggie Q!

  • image More on stocks and Maggie Q!
  • Chris Christie apologized for something today -  it was on all of my $SIRI satellite radio news stations.  I’m not sure what it was all about since I’m here in CA, but it forced me to me listen to the audio version of Cramer’s Mad Money from yesterday.  Really!  Buy buy buy!
  • I liked Jim’s talk about Bank of America - $BAC.  Don’t you wish you had bought at the lows of the financial crash?  Seems a bit extended now, despite the “me, too!” headlines lately.  But something to watch.  Many folks predicting that bank and financial stocks will be great again in 2014.  And it’s tough to get into a bear market with financial stocks doing well.
  • Health wise, the feet feel a little better week by week.
  • I’ll be back to audioboos/podcasts soon.  My goal is 2-3 a week.  The feet and meds are the main reason for me unplugging a bit in 2013.
  • Maggie Q in Nikita.  Yay, Netflix.  I’ve been working out to Season 9 of The Office, and now watching Nikita.  Four episodes in!  The first episode had Maggie Q in a bikini, and I just haven’t stopped watching.
  • Investors Business Daily has a good list of leading stocks, but some pretty dicey names in the mix!
  • Psych The Musical – Not good.
  • Anything jumping out at you from CES this week?  Kind of a let down, huh?  Wearable tech?  Really?  Well – all that stuff needs chips.  Semis.  Just saying.
  • And power!  MORE POWER!

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