Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looking to the Futures

  • image After the market sell off last week, folks are wondering if that’s all she wrote for the bull market or if it’s just an overdue correction.  The futures as I type aren’t doing much… Tomorrow all eyes on Apple - $AAPL!
  • Asian markets getting hit as I typeAsian shares tumbled and the yen reached for seven-week highs against the dollar and euro on Monday as emerging markets remained under pressure, with the U.S. Federal Reserve poised to continue tapering stimulus and tighter credit conditions in China raising fears of a sharper economic slowdown.
  • Grammy’s.  Yawn.  I watched it for a bit and then went and worked out and streamed Netflix.
  • Did you watch the Pro Bowl?  Team Rice beat Team Sanders.  I didn’t watch it.  First Sunday without football for me since last August!  Sorry if I spoiled it and you have it on the DVR.
  • Fed meets this week.  Think they’ll dial it up to 11?  Or continue the QE taper?  I think the latter but expect some language that they’re At The Ready to do whatever it takes.
  • the current pullback has many more catalysts, which means it won't be so easily reversed
  • So, as I previously mentioned somewhere, here or Twitter, that I sold a bunch of things Friday.  Just using mental stops.  I’d rather risk a whipsaw here and buy stuff back than risk a bear market. Lessons learned from past bear markets.  Because I had some high flyers, and if this is a bear market some of those will go to $0.  Just like internet and B2B stocks in the last two bear markets. We could see social media and 3D printers shake out the same way.
  • Anyway, I have a lot of cash at the ready.  I may step in a few things tomorrow with tight stops – or just let the dust settle.  Haven’t decided.
  • I think I’m on Season 1, Episode 18 of Nikita.  LOL.

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