Thursday, January 02, 2014

First Trading Day of 2014 Randomosity

  • image The SP500 had its first negative “first day”since 2008.  So, we have that to brag about.  But is it reason to panic?  “The opening day and full year performance has moved in the same direction 50.6% of the time, with the two moving in different directions 49.4% of the time – flip a coin.”
  • Heck, flip a bitcoin!
  • Picture is of Jamie Chung.  Why not?  I hear she has some Maxim pictures on the internets.  Whoa!
  • But just what is the “big money” betting on in 2014“The big-money crowd is gambling that stock markets will keep soaring in 2014, that the U.S. dollar will rise, and that bonds, commodities and gold will continue to slump…”  So, more of the same!  Seems like most folks usually seem to think whatever is happening now will continue to happen.
  • Kind of like picking Alabama to win the BCS championship every year because they always win!  Er, they’re #3 and losing to #11 Oklahoma as I type.  Just saying.  Things can change.
  • As I type, Asian markets are losing in sympathy with the Crimson Tide and “risk aversion.”  The article goes on to mention that the moves seem “divorced from the news flow which was mostly upbeat.”  Of course, we all know that the market looks towards the future, not the past.  Right?
  • Anyway, I just wanted to get that picture of Jamie Chung out there.
  • And… to say that the market is still in holiday mode, and that means it can be whippy in light volume.  The “reason du jour” for today’s selling ranges from tax planning post 2013 tax year, to over-extended stocks must correct at some point, to #getoutbeforeyouloseeverything.
  • So we have month end strength that usually occurs from the last day through the first few trading days of the month.  We have “the first five days of January,” and “as January goes, so goes the year.”  Pick your favorite.
  • I hope it’s another great year!
  • As I mentioned earlier, I bought some near the lows today and plan to trade around it – if there are any gains to be had in the days ahead.  But I suspect the 50dma will be visited at some point in the future, and that we’ll have some sort of non-presidential year correction.
  • Stay tuned!

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