Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Earnings Roulette Randomosity

  • image Did you own $NFLX? Congrats! $IBM or $JNJ?  So sorry.  Free cocktail?  It’s hard to guess which way the winds will blow on each earnings report.  Be safe!
  • I’m still around 70% long in this and that.  Mostly index stuff, but trading around the edges.  That’s been a little hit and miss for me so far.  As usual.  I think I’m better at the longer term stuff. Except last year.  LOL.
  • For the most part, I’m buying gentle pullbacks after higher volume break outs.  Buy high and sell higher.
  • The New York Yankees signed Masahiro Tanaka, and the baseball world has yawned.  I could have SWORN I heard a “Doh!” coming from the LA Dodgers.
  • So, I don’t know if Richard Sherman (not pictured) is the best cornerback in the league or not, but I’m leaning on not.  But he is pretty good.
  • I’ll have my super bowl thoughts next week.  Heading to Reno on Saturday to visit the sports book!
  • Netflix surged after hours.  As did EBAY.  As did F5.  Not so much American Eagles Outfitters.
  • McDonalds tomorrow – MCD.  And I’m debating on taking a pre-earnings position in SBUX – Starbucks.  PCP should be another interesting one.
  • Market thoughts…  Well, I guess I’m concerned at the bullishness out there – but bullish about the concern about the bullishness out there.  We’re hitting the end of January and I am expecting a pullback somewhere.  I’m more long than short.  Month-end strength coming.  I think the cold weather could be hurting some companies and economic data down the road…

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