Friday, January 03, 2014

Adding Shares of Falling Knives

imageBought some $$ in a travel website near 50dma.  Name your price, Shatner!  But it is starting to feel like a falling knife in the market, eh?  Added $SPY yesterday.  Still have a bunch of cash, but feeling like the idiot that buys a Disneyland ticket 30 minutes before closing time.  You know, last guy in the pool.  Er, theme park.

But you know, Disneyland wants customers to be happy and have a good experience.  If you are in line when the park closes, they still let those in line at the time go on the ride.

Hoping the market does the same.

But suddenly there is all this wall of worry stuff that just wasn’t on the radar last week.  And profit taking from last year!  Still wondering if light volume is pushing this thing around.

Last thought for now…  Notice some of the leaders that have the 10dma or 50dma as resistance, instead of support? 

Shatner is no Jamie Chung, but who doesn’t love Captain Kirk?

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