Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Stock Market Predictions!

Here are the 2014 stock market predictions. 

The index numbers on 1/1/2014:

  • Dow: 16,557
  • SP500: 1,848
  • Nasdaq: 4,177
On to the Fox Business Network gurus!  These are 2014 predictions from the December 28th, 2013 shows. I included closing prices from Friday 12/27/2013 as we as the year end price.

Bulls and Bears

Gary B. Smith:  AET 40% gain, no matter what happens with Obamacare!  Dow 16,500.

Jonas Max Ferris: DZZ 2x short gold, up 50% in 2014.  Dow 15,500.

John Layfield:  SDRL and  a 25% profit in 2014, not counting dividend.  Dow 18,103.


Cavuto on Business

Adam Lashinsky:  VWNFX (Vanguard Windsor II fund) full of undervalued large companies$36.58 on 12/27/13.  I’m not sure about their distribution dates. The funded closed at $36.77 on 12/31.

Gary Kaltbaum:  TIF closed at $90.87 on 12/27/13.  The markets are up and the rich are spending.  The stock ended the year at $92.78.


Forbes on Fox

Elizabeth MacDonald:  XAR, the ETF that tracks the S&P Aerospace and defense.  It closed at $99.05 on 12/27/2013 and the year at $99.02.

John Tamny:  BBRY closed 12/27/2013 at $7.30, as “they’ve outsourced their manufacturing and that bodes well for next year.”  Closed 12/31 at $7.44.


Cashin' In

Jonathan Hoenig: Interest rates are going to go up in 2014, so buy JGBS to bet against bonds.  The ticker was at $19.23 on 12/27/13 and finished the year at $19.37.

Wayne Rogers: IBB – Biotech!  This is a diversified ETF across the biotech sector.  The ETF was at $225.92 on 12/27/13 and closed the year at $227.06.

Good luck to all in 2014!  I have no positions in any of the above names.

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