Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Predictions Review

$$ - Here were the 2013 stock market predictions:

Here are the index returns from 1/1/2013 to 1/1/2014:

  • Dow: 13,104 to 16,557
  • SP500: 1,426  to 1,848
  • Nasdaq: 3,019 to 4,177


On to the Fox Business Network gurus (and my comments from then)!

Bulls and Bears

Gary B. Smith: AAPL up to new highs

“Apple currently trades at $532.17, after a big $22.58 move on Monday, after the Bulls and Bears show was broadcast over the weekend. I'm not giving the show credit for the Monday move, as the whole market was being moved by fiscal cliff kinds of things. The 52-week and all time high is $705.07. I like the pick. We'll get a good idea if this pick is going to work out in a few weeks when Apple reports!”

AAPL finished 2013 at $561.30.  Not even close to new highs, but the stock did turn around in 2013 when many folks thought it was toast.

Jonas Max Ferris: IRBT

“iRobot Corporation is at $18.74, up $.15 on the Monday following the show. Interesting pick by Jonas.”

IRBT finished 2013 at $34.77. Nice job, Jonas!

Tobin Smith: RIMM

“Research in motion was up 8-cents monday, closing out the year at $11.87. My thought is that this company is losing market share, and I don't see it recovering or gaining against Android or Apple. Or even Microsoft, for that matter.”

Toby is no longer on the show, but RIMM’s ticker changed to BBRY and finished 2013 at $7.46.  Ouch! 

Cavuto on Business

Charles Payne: TRN $35.15, CLF $35.58, EWJ $9.67

“This year, Charles was the only stock picker on the program giving the above three picks. I typed in the closing prices for the stocks on the Friday before the show, but now on Jan 1st, TRN trades at $35.82, CLF trades at $38.57 after a big 8.4% move Monday, EWJ trades at $9.75.”

At the end of 2013:  TRN:  $54.52.  CLF $26.18.  EWJ $12.15.  So, that’s 2 out of 3 for Charles.

Forbes on Fox

Morgan Brennan: BX

“Blackstone Group closed Friday at $15.25 before the show was recorded, and was up 2.23% to $15.59 at the close on Monday, New Years Eve.”

BX finished 2013 at $31.60 – Wow, nice pick from Morgan!

Bill Baldwin: GWW

“W. W. Granger closed at $198.20 on Friday when the show was recorded, and popped $4.17 Monday to $202.37.”

GWW finished 2013 at $255.42.

Elizabeth MacDonald: RBCGX

“RBCGX closed the year at $57.74. It was up Monday by $1.15 or over 2%. Again, this is after Friday's show.”

RBCGX is the Royal Blue Chip Growth Fund, and it closed 2013 at $74.49.


Cashin' In

These folks are all swinging for the fences. I don't know what to say about these picks!

Jonathan Hoenig: SMFG to double in 2013

SMFG began 2013 at $7.34 and closed at $10.49.  Nope.

Wayne Rogers: LXRX to triple in 2013

LXRX began 2013 at $2.21 and closed at $1.799.  Ouch!

John Layfield: FB jumps 50% in 2013’'

FB began 2013 at $26.62 and closed at $54.65.  Got it!  (And more…)

Carol Roth: HLF up 200-300% in 2013

HLF began 2013 at $32.94 and closed at $78.70.  Well, it was a big move but fell a short of the MONSTER prediction.  That’s a stock I just refuse to participate in because the business model scares me.  Wish I had owned it from start to finish in 2013, though.  Wow.

You can be the judge of the gurus.  It was a year where most stocks in the SP500 were up.

2014 predictions in the on deck circle… 

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