Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Randomosity and Market Thoughts

  • image Stock market was down. Again. Will it ever go up again?  I’m in cash for some bizarre reason, but don’t think the market ends up lower at year end than it is now.  In other words, it should keep going up until the quarter and year end, uh, ends.
  • Is there too little fear in the market?  Seems like the bulls are all over the place, but so are the folks who remember the last two bear markets in stocks, and another one in real estate.
  • Mastercard is going to split 10-1 and hike the dividend.  Remember in the late 90’s how those kinds of things would cause a stock to rally?  Er, might want to get a quote check!
  • Watching the Lakers host the Suns tonight, and Kobe really looks kind of slow out there.  Probably takes a while to get used to the NBA pace – right?
  • Well, Sacramento has had a hard freeze warning now for – all week.  Looks like it is finally going to warm up a smidge.
  • Global warming.  LOL.
  • So the Senate and the House seem to have reached a budget compromise that means more spending now and cuts, er, yeah cuts, sometime down the road.  Sometime.  Later.  Down the road.  We’ll get to it when we get to it.
  • YEAH RIGHT.  There will be no spending cuts.
  • Anyway, I guess we can understand that the Republicans don’t want to get any bad press now and leave the bad press on the Democrats with the Obamacare roll out thing.
  • Ruben Studdard on The Biggest Loser.  LOL.  Where’s that guy been?!?!?!?  He looks thinner. Good for him.
  • I still can’t believe it is Christmas time again already.  Blink and you’ll miss it!
  • So bottom line is that the year end should be nice for the market.  Look at the rallies in the social media stocks.  Again, reminds me of B2B everything in 1999-2000.  Just saying.  No worries just yet, but… you know.

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