Friday, December 27, 2013

The MACD Crossover!‎

Hey! There are MACD crossovers to be excited about! 

It's kind of funny, that after such a move in the market, the MACD is finally experiencing a "bullish crossover" in a few of the index trackers as of today.  Yes, it is a lagging indicator, and I don't use it in my Black Box - maybe I should start.

But even with some of the other indicators flashing overbought signals, and I'm looking at you, RSI, that situation can remain in place for quite a while during a bull run.

My guess is that we still will not see much of a selloff the last 2 trading days of 2013.  It would be nice to see some sitting around consolidating ahead of the new year.  Then we can all get excited about the January effect next!

Market Review For December 27, 2013

Justin Kuepper

Investopedia - Investopedia - ‎Friday‎, ‎December‎ ‎27‎, ‎2013

Major U.S. indices moved higher this week, as higher new home sales, lower jobless claims and positi...

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