Sunday, December 08, 2013

NFL Snowball and Stock Market Thoughts

  • The stock market started to roll over last week, but then Friday happened and the market ended up relatively flat.
  • Reason du jour?  The jobs report was good and the unemployment rate is now down to 7%.  Of course, there are fewer folks in the work force and all.  But nobody seems to pay attention to that. 
  • Snow storms all across NFL Sunday.  I can’t recall a Sunday like this before.  The games in Philadelphia and Baltimore are just nuts!
  • Remember when good news was bad news?  Why?  Well, good news means that the Fed may start tapering the $85B per month stimulus.
  • The rally-into-year-end theme still seems in tact. 
  • Remember when the Green Bay Packers used to win home games?  Down to the Atlanta Falcons as I type.  Plenty of time left…

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