Sunday, November 03, 2013

Twitter IPO Week!

image No election this November, but you can vote on $TWTR stock as Twitter IPOs this week. Everyone is comparing this IPO to $FB (Facebook) in 2012.  The FB IPO was botched with delays and pricing problems.  Yet, FB is now well above the IPO price of 2012, after shakily visiting the teens.

So what will happen with Twitter?  Should people dive in on IPO day?

I did on FB; but, I will not on TWTR.  Maybe later…  I’m still worried about a correction or pullback in stock prices, which would hit the high flyers especially hard.  And it looks as if this will be a high flyer, as the market has had a great year and folks “want in” and/or are trying to play catch  up with their 2013 performance numbers.

My thoughts, anyway…

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