Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Stock Market Randomosity

  • Bull markets don’t last forever. This one started in March, 2009. 
  • Even with investor sentiment high and stock mutual funds seeing inflows, it seems as if folks are still smarting from the bear markets of the last decade.  Two in the stock market and one in the real estate market.  Who can blame them?
  • In addition, the Fed keeps printing money and incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen will probably continue the policy if not increase it.  Don’t fight the FED?!??!??!?
  • Anyway, I’ve heard and read a lot of reasons to be bullish and a lot of reasons to expect a correction or worse.  I’m thinking correction and hoping not worse.  But that correction has yet to materialize as each dip is bought.
  • I think I’m repeating myself a lot these days – months – when I give my reasons to be a little concerned.  So instead of rehashing it blog post after blog post, I am just going to mention that I am still in cash, and if anything changes I will blog about it.  I think that is what has held back the blogging and podcasting or audioboos lately.  Lather rinse and repeat!
  • So back to randomosity and other such things.  Along with market comments!
  • I picked the Tampa Bay Bucs in my weekly football pool, and thought I was some sort of Wile E. Coyote Evil Genius.  But I also had Indianapolis winning at home against the Rams.  What an idiot!  And the 49ers at home over the Panthers!  MORON!
  • Duke up by one over Kansas as I type.  March Madness is coming. LOL.
  • No, not buying shares of TWTR.  The Twitter.  Maybe down the road.  But that business model doesn’t make sense to me just yet.  And I’d like to see some of the insiders unload their shares before I wade in.
  • Obamacare fiasco continues.  You just have to think something’s gotta give, right?  The cancellation notices and more expensive policies are hitting the middle class. 
  • Still loving the Surface Pro 2.  I’ve seen a few of them out and about in my trips to SBUX – Starbucks.  I’ve also seen a lot of iPad minis, but not much else other than smart phones.

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