Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stock Market Thoughts

Regarding the bull market, we are either near the beginning, near the end, or somewhere in the middle. We’re obviously not near the beginning as that was in March 2009.  So we’re either somewhere in the middle or near the end.

It sounds kind of obvious, right?

But think of the bull market as approaching five years old.  We’re seeing a long period of near 0% interest rates, in an economy that supposedly can’t fail with the Fed QE program.  We’re seeing lots of IPOs and high valuations on social media companies that lose money.  We’re also now seeing money flowing into stock mutual funds.

Granted, we are nearing the end of  2013 and it is likely that the market rallies into the end of the year.  I would imagine pullbacks are still buyable, if they show up.

Economic data is okay, but not great.  This week should see some more mediocre economic news…

Just thinking out loud as I watch the Broncos up over the Chiefs.

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