Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday Night Football Randomosity

  • image The market was … up!  Why not?  After all, it is the beginning of the month strength period.  Still.  It’s not like we’re done with the Halloween candy, yet.  Right?
  • Hey you want to know how to time the market?  Here it is“Yes, most people who try to tuime the market end up screwing it up – they buy and sell at the wrong times…”  So, the answer is, buy and sell at the right times.  Got it?  You’re welcome!
  • So, when steel stocks move up, does that mean we’re near the end of the bull market run?  Well, does it?
  • Monday Night Football with your Packers QB Wallace taking on your Bears QB McCown.  It’s why we’re watching, right?  But not a bad game.  I’d think this game would be a route were everyone healthy.  Packers at home have been hard to beat.
  • SNL parody of “What does the fox say?” is worth a view.
  • Warren Buffett says he won’t by Twitter.  Er, TWTR.  Maybe that’s a reason to buy.  That way you’re in BEFORE Buffett.  Right?  Just thinking out loud.  It’s not like I have a market order to buy in, either.
  • So, one thing I really like about the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is the ability to split the screen.  It’s like really multitasking at the same time, right in front of your eyes!  I find myself using this a whole lot, with a twitter or email feed in a window, and work in the other.  Or a browser or my blog in the other.  You get the idea.
  • Yes!  I’m still in cash!  What?  Now that we’re in the favorable season?
  • Back to the game.  It’s the fourth quarter and the Bears are going in for the kill.  Amazing.

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