Saturday, November 02, 2013

Is Facebook a Dying Breed? And Twitter?

Are Facebook and Twitter dying breeds?  $FB  $TWTR 

There has been a few stories in the news lately about how teens are abandoning Facebook.  I think it was CNBC that interviewed a 13 year old girl who said she only checked Facebook when she was bored and that none of her friends used FB, but instead used this, that and the other social networking sites.  The linked to article and video wonder if Facebook may face the same fate as MySpace.  Remember that site?  It used to be all the rage!

I think Facebook is entrenched as the social site to use.  It has time and members, and we’re all familiar with the interfaces.  It’s just the online social standard at this point.  A new site has to build up usability and users.  And that’s difficult to do when they have to compete with Facebook, that has 728 million daily users.

Heck, this blog gets a few hundred hits a day and the audioboos/podcasts get 25 to over 1000 listens, based on topic.

Likewise, I think Twitter is the defacto newsfeed standard.  Whenever something is going on live, we turn to Twitter for instant news.  How that gets monetized will be the question.

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