Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Night Randomosity!

  • Yesterday is history! The stock market resumed going up today on … er, reason du jour? Jobs report?  It was a little mixed, right? I mean maybe the news is such that it confirms the suspicion that the Fed will continue QE indefinitely.  Forever and ever, Amen.  Bank stocks were strong, which is a good sign.
  • Yeah, I’m still in cash.  The Dow is at record highs and the SP500 is darn close.  The pickup in blogging activity is not a sign that I’m getting excited about stocks here.  Nor am I here to talk them down and pretend I’m smarter than the market.  It is what it is.  I will probably dollar cost average back in absent a correction (that never seems to come).  Waiting for a correction is like waiting for the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • Listening to MetroRadio app (that’s a third party Pandora app) on the Surface Pro 2.  There.  I said it.  Hey it’s either that or porn I guess.  Or Bill O’Reilly, which is Conservative porn.
  • Twitter, TWTR, fell over 7% on its second day of trading.  Now at $41.64.  Nobody making any money in it, yet.  I’ve stayed away.  I think both TWTR and F, Facebook, intrigue as long term buy and holds at some price point lower than here.  Perhaps after the Great Correction that never seems to come.  But when you think about it, some of these IPO stocks of this bull market will be the stocks we wish we would have owned 10 years from now.  Right?
  • Tesla, TSLA, down about 22% the last 3 trading days.  Yikes.  It happens fast, huh?
  • Friday night and it’s Going Out Night.  Casino? 
  • Hey, I will resume Audioboos aka podcasts soon.  My broken feet are much improved over a few months ago, but still in the healing process. 
  • President Obama’s job approval down to 41%.  53% disapprove, while the remaining 6% don’t have a clue!  Obama really gets slammed on the handling of the economy, where 31% approve of the way he is handling the economy.
  • How come Geraldo didn’t go to the Philippines to broadcast LIVE the Super Typhoon Haiyan?
  • Love the NFL.  Haven’t been able to watch much NBA just yet. My Lakers look sad, but at least they beat Dwight Howard and his Houston Rockets last night.  I didn’t watch, but have enjoyed reading the news articles today and on the TWTR!

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