Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Dow Rally Randomosity

  • When the Dow is up (big), and the Nasdaq is weak… hmm.  Basically, it generally means that the Big Boys are avoiding risk and going into the highly liquid stocks.  Companies that sell toothpaste, soap, soda, and toilet paper.
  • Twitter priced at $26.  How much will it go up initially?  How much will it fall after the initial high?  Hmmm.
  • Blockbuster shut down it’s last 300 stores.  Remember the old days of actually going to a video store to rent a video?  Caveman days!
  • Whole Foods reported okay earnings but guided lower.  Oops.  Stock went down after hours.
  • Disney tomorrow.  These days that company is so much more than theme parks.  They have movies, TV, sports…
  • Anyway, still in cash and I’m thinking that the market is looking a little suspect here.  We.  Shall.  See.  Risk on or risk off?

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