Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Great Market Day

  • When the Nasdaq leads the way up and the overall market makes a new high, it’s a good day. Stocks had the chance to fall lower, but a late day rally turned things around and shows that there is still a bull bias.
  • Heck, it’s hard to imagine the stock market heading down by year’s end. My gut feeling is that the market is higher by year end than it is now.   What a bold call!  (LOL).  With that said, I’m still in cash.
  • Obamacare enrollment worse than initial estimate.  Shocker.  Well, I think a  lot of of folks procrastinate. In addition, there has been a lot of negative stories about the website.  But you know what they say about government estimates…
  • Janet Yellen to defend Fed’s QE program.  Ya think?  Another shocker!  She “defended the central bank’s unconventional asset purchase program, calling it the best way to get the economy back to normal.”  Heck, I guess it’s been the “best way” since 2009!  One of these days, maybe it will even work!
  • The Philippines. –> The Red Cross.  Just saying.
  • Well, what do THEY say about government estimates?  I think the reality is that they’re just not very accurate.  They seem to paint whatever picture they need to paint in order to sell whatever the estimate is related to.
  • Seriously – I think the main thing QE has done is inflate asset prices.  Like the stock market.  For example  Just saying.  IMHO.  Just my 2-cents.
  • I always think it’s too early to start playing Christmas music.  I was just wearing shorts, for goodness sakes.  It’s still over 70 degrees here!  (Barely).
  • After 320 games, the Lakers sellout streak ends.  What?  Steve Blake isn’t packing in the crowds?
  • Maybe Yellen was the reason for the market turnaround today.  Mo’money.
  • Sacramento Kings are leading the Brooklyn Nets by 12 at the half.
  • I do like the Surface Pro 2.  I know I’ve said that before, but I’m saying it again.  I do wish I could resize the apps in the desktop view, though.  Pinch-zoom don’t work here!

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