Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Night Market Thoughts

  • My portfolio is still in cash as the market (er, SP500) makes new highs.  That's a great feeling, right? 
  • So I've ignored the last few trips the market has made to the 50dma.  
  • I don't yet have a strategy to dollar cost averaging back into the market or going all in.  Still thinking about it.  Probably dollar cost average in if we don't have some sort of pullback soon, and if in the process of doing that we get a correction, go all in.  Just thinking out loud... 
  • The black box has been okay on the little moves lately, but haven't been following it.  LOL.  I know - then what's the use!?!?!
  • One thing I am looking forward to this week is the Apple news on new iPads.  I'm debating between a new iPad or to go the Windows Surface Pro route.  I have an iPad - I'm doing this entry using the BlogTouch app.  So maybe leading to a Windows tablet.  I dunno.  Or neither.  LOL.  I don't actually need one, it's just the NEW TOY thing.
  • My feet?  Thanks for asking.  Still sore but improving oh-so-slowly from week to week.  
  • My fantasy football teams are good, but I'm near last place. Why?  I keep playing the top scoring team of the week.  So even if I'm scoring a lot, I keep playing the guy who is scoring MORE.  Good grief.  
  • The government is going to release the economic data that it held hostage during the government shut down.  That could be market moving.  I don't think things are that well.  I guess it doesn't matter as long as the Fed is inflating asset prices by printin' money.
  • Any commercial that plays the Best Friend theme song from the Courtship of Eddie's Father always gets me to watch.  And then I sing the tune non-stop for the rest of the day.  Can't get it out of my head!
  • Anyway, October is flying buy.

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