Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quick Stock Thoughts

image I’m still in cash.  Just wanted to do an update since I’ve been absent lately.  I will get more into this soon.  Been crazy at work and still mending from broken feet.

So, I keep waiting for a market correction that doesn’t come.  Every pullback has been mild.  Yet, I’ve been around awhile and I don’t feel excited about putting money to work when the market is at or near all time highs in over a 4 year bull market run.  Especially without a major pullback anytime recently.

My plan is to wait for a pullback – but, if that doesn’t come soon, I will begin to dollar cost average in and then buy more on a pullback.

Maybe the Fed scared the market today.  Maybe some of the earnings scared the market.  Maybe nobody cares because there just isn’t any other place you can put money to work and make any kind of return.  Plus, maybe that Fed asset purchase program, aka QE, goes on for years and years and the prices of investment kind of things (stocks, land…) continues to appreciate.

Be back soon…



Anyway, I’m tying this on my new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet.  I really like it.  This is the Windows Live Writer program, which isn’t a Windows 8.1 program per se, but runs fine.  Or seems to. 

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