Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Market Thoughts, Janet Yellen, and the Fox Business Channel

  • Just a quick update: Yes, I'm still in cash.  Market seasonality says that it's time to buy stocks somewhere around this time period.  So, I'm watching and glad to see a little pull back in the market.  The market seemingly rallied on news that there would be some sort of partial debt ceiling deal and the news that Janet Yellen would be nominated as the new Fed Chair, replacing Ben Bernanke.  Anyway, the market did pull back and the 50dma seemed to be support for the major indexes.  Or thereabouts.  One troubling sign is that tech stocs (Nasdaq) is lagging - and that's not normal for a rally.  
  • Yes, Janet Yellen.  Well, she will be the most powerful person in the world in short order.  She seems popular with Wall Street and her past comments make it appear as if the easy money policy will continue, if not amp up even further. f
  • So, Fox Business is supposed to compete with CNBC, right?  It seems as if it is trying to compete with the Fox News Channel.  Aren't the topics on the Fox Business shows roughly the same as those on Fox News?  

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