Thursday, October 31, 2013

Change in Investor Mood?

  • image Well.  The newest iPad Air goes on sale… Well, it probably already is depending on your time zone.  Sure, it’s lighter and the components are fresher.  But does it do much more than the last two iPads did, or are?
  • So, stocks had an interesting last hour.  As in whooosh down.  The market has had a great run so far this year.  And this month.  It is interesting as we enter as what should be the monthly strength period where 401k additions automatically hit mutual funds.
  • Financials…. Yuck.  It is hard for the market to rally without the financials.  And they can lead down, too.
  • I am still in cash.  The market looks like it wants to take a breather here.  I’m always worried about that after a strong summer.  That should be the weak period, right?
  • So that’s why I was less interested in the latest iteration of the iPad, and more interested in the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.  It lets me do work things, too.
  • Yes, the Obamacare website has been a bit of a disaster.  It is sad.  We shouldn’t cheer for a failure and should hope that everything works out for the best.  But it is off to a bad start.  And you have to wonder how the costs for Obamacare will really go.  My guess is that the costs are seriously underestimated.  We. Shall. See.
  • Nice win by the Red Sox.  Congrats on the World Series.
  • Not that I’m complaining about the iPad.  It’s a great tablet.  As are the Android tablets.  They all work well.  As does the Surface Pro 2.  The big difference is the price tags.  And capability.  The Android and iPad tablets compete amongst themselves. But is there a large enough market for the Surface Pro 2?  It’s pricey.  And if you don’t want to do work things, then why not just go stand in line at the Apple store tomorrow, er, today?
  • Miami Dolphins win in overtime via a safety.  Really.  I picked the Dolphins straight up and was worried that they were going to fold in the 2nd half as usual.  And they did, but recovered.

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