Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday Market Thoughts

  • Another Saturday of being invested in cash and watching college football. 
  • Bad employment data and previous months revised downward?  No problemo.  Stocks rally because it means the Fed may not taper.
  • Or maybe the Fed will taper.
  • I think it's a mistake if the US launches a missle barrage on Syria.  No, not because of what Russia's Puten said or England opting out.  No, not because President Obama and John Kerry look like complete idiots everytime they have the opportunity.  But...  Haven't we learned our lesson(s) with wars in the Middle East?  Yes, it is tragic that so many people are dying horrible deaths.  But do we have the ability to stop it?  And lets be blunt, aren't the Western nations better off if the radicals are shooting at each other, rather than at us?
  • Or maybe the Fed won't taper.
  • So, the stock market seemed to gyrate on whatever Syria news hit the tape yesterday.  Up and down.  Down and up.  Plus the labor news, where the unemployment rate is falling, but the labor participation percentage is falling.
  • Emerging markets doing well, huh?
  • Or maybe the Fed will taper.
  • I remain in cash.  I anticipate a buy decision is coming at some point within a month or two, though.  The sell in May thing doesn't last forever.  
  • Watching the moving averages and black box.  Not doing anything yet.
  • OK... Notre Dame at Michigan...

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